A Day Without Sports: What to Do?

July 10, 2012


For the most avid of sports fans Wednesday, July 11th makes for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

This day brings the portion of the All-Star break that leaves us the travesty of a day without any professional sports (No, sorry I am not counting the WNBA). If it wasn’t for Golf on Thursday we literally would go two days without any sporting action, and I don’t want to live in that world.

However, here is a list of things you can do today to make Wednesday move a little more faster.

Reunite with long lost family:

Or in the case of the sports geeks, your immediate close family. The 364 sports viewing grind really can do a number on a fan, and the first thing that seems to go on the wayside is the distant family.

So make that little call to Uncle Jim reminding him that you still love him, and that the Christmas presents from Dollar General were really satisfying all those years.

Thanks Uncle Jim…

Go ahead, accept the Facebook friend request from your Great Aunt Beth; however make sure to hold her on a tight leash, if she comments on status’ or starts posting spam about FarmVille on your page, don’t be afraid to remove immediately.

Go Outside:

There is one thing about those who enjoy watching athletics, they normally are not athletic (generalization). So take this day to get outside and remind yourself this is no longer senior year of high school and even though you always sucked at sports, you probably really suck now.

But if the feeling of sucking is too much, bring out the kids, or the smallest, most frail child you can find and challenge him to a 1-on-1 game of basketball. If that does not yield positive results…. may God have mercy on your soul.

Rekindle with your Ex:

It really was a bummer that your ex left you because of your inability to fulfill her needs when the game was on, and that is now multiplied by the fact there are no sports on TV. It’s understandable the feeling of loneliness may be just too much to bare, not that you miss her or anything.

Don’t worry I know that you are totally over her, but telling your old flame that you have made a life-altering decision to take the day off of all sports viewing may just be enough to bring back what’s rightfully yours from that multi-millionaire, Ivy League graduate (douchebag) boyfriend with a loft in Manhattan that you are totally not jealous of…

Baby come back

Not watch SportsCenter:

With nothing to talk about tomorrow, I will assure you ESPN will find any topic and drag it to hell the entire day… oh wait…

But seriously try some other shows for size, if you are fortunate enough to have On Demand and some premium channels try “Game of Thrones” or “Newsroom.” Just forget that Aaron Sorkin writes the show and also wrote “Moneyball“, that may induce sporting withdrawals.

Go to church:

Sure, you used the Sabbath to watch Football, and passed on Christmas Mass to watch some of the NBA’s finest match ups, but God, or any other deity you choose to obey, will surely forgive you for missing out on years of worship with one day of visitation…

So take this Wednesday to get right with the Lord, Allah, and/or any other men or women upstairs.

However, Cubs fans, Oiler fans, and Cleveland natives don’t take this opportunity to pray for championships, they haven’t come yet and they sure as hell are not coming soon.

Those are a few things you can do to rid the anxiety that July 11th may cause for you. If you have some other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comment selection below.


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