Sports That Aren’t Olympic…but Should Be

June 26, 2012


With the  2012 Olympic Games in London underway, people are preparing for pure nation on nation battle in prestigious events such as Table TennisSynchronized SwimmingEquestrian…but let me tell you when I name off these three “sports” one thought comes to mind, sleep. Sure there are plenty of enthusiasts of these events, and forgive me my trespasses,  but I often wonder how they have lasted when other events have come and gone.

Recently the International Olympic Committee exhibited their almighty power by removing Baseball and Softball from this and further editions of the Olympics. This may be my American bias/ignorance , but the question must be asked why the hell are these still around and Baseball and Softball kaput?

It is hard to fathom that there is a serious number of people who enjoy watching a game that is played in suburban kids basements, a sport that I thought was considered exercise for old people, and horses jumping over poles.

There needs to be a change if the Olympics plan on connecting to a larger, more modern audience.

Let’s examine 3 sports that should replace these boring events that currently fester the Olympics.

Mixed Martial Arts:

I first must note that I am not a fan of the sport which is MMA, but I can assure you nothing would bring us back to the good ol’ days of Ancient Grecian Olympiad quite like two dudes (or women) beating the piss out of each other. The sport has enjoyed much growth stateside and globally, and I feel it will only be a matter of time before we see MMA in the Olympic games.

Joking aside this sport would also have historical context as well. In the ancient games there was an event that could be claimed as the predecessor to MMA called “Pankration” a mixture of wrestling and boxing which only disallowed “biting and gouging eyes out”.

Also for all of those who would be inclined to say “Stefan, Judo, Boxing, and Wrestling are already in the Olympics” (insert whiney voice), may I remind you that there is a Triathlon and Modern pentathlon that combine a bunch of random events into one. So in theory allowing a sport that combines a multitude of martial arts would not be unprecedented by any means.

The rules for eligibility would be similar to Boxing in which you must have amateur status to participate. It would be likely that the ruling system would have to differ from the professional venues, but that’s another discussion for another day. The fact is that MMA would be much more entertaining than Table Tennis.


Again not a huge fan of this sport, but due to the old British Empire in which the sun never set on, the sport is popular from England to Australia. The sport has sparked many of international rivalries and would be great sport to settle some of those with Olympic Gold.

Is it the most entertaining game, no. But it is a game built on class and skill, something that the Olympics could use especially with the events that are laced with blood-doping and numerous other cheating scandals.

It is a sport that includes women along with men so there would be no quarrels on that issue. The only problem would be the length of the matches, which do take quite a while (8 hours for average match).

However it would be great to see this game take over for synchronized swimming which seems more like an exercise craze  than an actual sport…


Cue whiney voice… “But Stefan, there are the x-games for that!” Well let me tell you first hand that the X-Games do not hold nearly the same amount of clout that the Olympics do, and if BMX has been allowed as an Olympic event there is no reason that some sort of Skateboarding should be excluded.

Skateboarding takes a massive amount of skill, and unlike Equestrian there are not nearly as many external factors that can take place in the event. Example A…..

The event would be similar to BMX in that it would be racing, not an event based on “tricks” however they could emulate the Snowboarding events in the Winter Olympics and use the half-pipe or other obstacles for those kinds of events.

The sky would be the limit, and would bring a more modern audience to the Olympic games, because let’s face it not many people are watching Equestrian outside the 1% of society that can afford to participate in it at that level.

Do you think these sports would fit in the Olympics? Have any other ideas? Mention them in the comment section below!

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