Tigers/Reds Live Blog: Are The Tigers That Bad?

June 10, 2012


As the Tigers enter tonight’s rubber match against the Reds, they have not strung consecutive wins together since the 26th-27th of May. With some terrible play defensively and a complete lack of opportune hitting, many are asking, is it time to be concerned about the Tiger’s living up to their potential?

Tonight presents a great opportunity for the Tigers to salvage a series win against the number 1 team in the NL Central.

If they do win tonight it will be a step in the right direction, if they lose, it will be another series lost and more paranoia in Detroit for fans.

Obviously one game will not answer the title of this blog, but we will get a serious glimpse of where this team is heading from tonight’s game.

7:50- Ten minutes away from game time, here are the starting line-ups’s for tonight’s match-up.

NO. Detroit Cincinnati
1. A. Jackson, CF Z. Cozart, SS
2. Q. Berry, RF C. Heisey, CF
3. M. Cabrera, 3B J. Votto, 1B
4. P. Fielder, 1B B. Phillips, 2B
5. D. Young, LF J. Bruce, RF
6. R. Santiago, SS R. Ludwick, LF
7. G. Laird, C T. Frazier, 3B
8. D. Worth, 2B D. Mesoraco, C
9. D. Smyly, P H. Bailey, P

8:03- Not the sexiest pitching match-up, Drew Smyly v. Homer Bailey, both having a .500 record and +3 ERA’s

8:06- Really corny ESPN opening about Cincinnati being the “First” while those facts may be true, I don’t think Reds fan have been used to anything more than sup-bar baseball from their team in a long time.

8:10- All this “speed” in the top of the line-up will not matter if we can’t get on the base.

8:19– A harmless one runner on inning for the Reds, and a 1-2-3 inning for the Tigers,.

8:20- My comment on Abe Lincoln killing vampires; we are the same society that found Michael Jordan playing ball against cartoon aliens entertaining. Expect surprising numbers for that movie.

8:25- Bold Prediction: Tigers will not be getting any production after the 4th batter tonight…..

8:28- Any wagers that Aaron Boone had no idea about France’s international record, and was given that stat by the designated stat guy?

8:32- Runners on 1st and 2nd, we may be seeing a tutorial on how to score with runners on base, Ryan Ludwick is on fire right now.

8:34- I think that bat was intended to hit the home plate Angel Hernandez, rough AB for Ludwick, but we’ll take it.

8:36- Aggressive move from Dusty Baker, early indication that the Reds want this one, and add that with a solid single which scores 2.

8:38- Laird bailed out by batter interference, but Dusty is on all cylinders, they do not want to lose first place in the NL Central.

8:41- Tigers were lucky to get out of the inning with only 2 runs against them. Let’s see if Leyland and company can match the intensity from Baker’s boys.

8:46- I am sure that Houston is absolutely dreading their transfer to the American League. It’s not gonna be much better for the ‘Stros in the next couple years.

8:49- 1-2-3  from the Tigers, and with Votto due up in the inning things may get ugly from here.

8:54- And just like that folks things are not looking too good for Smyly.

8:58- Jekyl and Mr. Hyde from Smyly, that could have been rough, but nice recovery nonetheless.

9:03- Drew Smyly likely done for the night, which sacrificial lamb will Leyland send out tonight? Also thanks ESPN I really wanted to see that black blood blister, yuck.

9:07-  Great throw from Mesoraco, not sure if he was out though. Nonetheless, Leyland’s attempt to be aggressive fails.

9:10– Hindsight is 20/20 but the Cabrera out at second will likely loom huge this half-inning.

9:13- Brandon Phillips with the misplay their, very lucky for the Tigers. Marte looms in the bullpen, which may work out for Detroit, a change of pace from Detroit.

9:22- Ryan Ludwick and Angel Hernandez, not getting along tonight. As for my indication that Marte’s insertion into the game would be ok for Detroit, so far so wrong.

9:25- A pretty crappy situation for the Tigers after that half-inning, now they have to face the number one batter next inning at leadoff, the Reds are playing National League baseball 101; avoid having your pitcher leadoff.

9:28- Austin Jackson continuing his solid season, the Tigers need him to play at that level, or things will be getting worse than they already have been.

9:30- Forgot to note but business as usual with that solo shot.

9:32- Cabrera just hit the ball to the deepest part of the stadium, nothing to show with a runner on though. Carry on.

9:35- Many thanks if someone could tell me how many infield singles the Tigers have given up this season, simply awful.

9:42- I don’t think Prince Fielder likes talking about his childhood in Detroit…. always one word answers.

9:46- A little production from the batter’s not named Fielder, Cabrera, and Jackson. Will Worth, show his.. worth here though?

9:49- of course not, the bottom of this order is dreadful. It seems that even if they get a hit, there are 2 outs.

9:55- Bryan Villareal and Matt Young in the game, tag teaming for a very needed double play.

10:00- This is just awful, the bullpen can’t go one inning without giving up runs, that double play was huge however.

10:09- Angel Hernandez has been terrible tonight, but you know who has been worse? The Detroit Tigers.

10:14- Bailey gets the yank, a few mistakes but definitely pitched a solid game. As for our Tigers, another 2-out hit luckily Cabrera is at bat. The team needs to start chipping away now.

10:24- Hernandez gets this one right, but I am glad I do not have his job, that is a tough one. Good angle from ESPN.

10:28- Typical Tigers baseball, not getting the timely hits, they need a big 8th. Needless to say they do not want to be facing Aroldis Chapman with 3-run deficit.

10:37- Villareal running through the lineup, big test against Votto though.

10:40- Key inning for the Tigers, so far the answer to the title of the blog has been yes. Bad bullpen pitching outside of Villareal, no-timely hitting, and bad fielding. This inning could change things however.

10:47- Baker is continuing to be aggressive in this game, putting Chapman in early. He really wants this game, Tigers counter with Brennan Boesch…

10:51- Way to take the pitch Matt Young, literally the only good thing that could come from his AB. Also great big lead hit from Boesch, the Tigers need more of that from him.

10:52- This game has not been an easy one for Hernandez, a lot of tough calls to make.

10:54– What a game for Austin Jackson, 2 hits, and potentially 3 RBI’s. This is exactly what Detroit needs though,  a big win against a dominant pitcher. A lot of ball left to play, and Cincy has some bats to counter.

10:57- 3 RBI’s for Jackson, and Chapman to everyone’s surprise is imploding.

10:59- Never could imagine this, Tigers down 4, Chapman on the bump, and the Tigers getting the best of it. This very well could change the tide of the season.

11:04– Chapman getting into his groove, luckily 5 runs too late. Now the worry must be directed towards the Tigs bullpen holding the lead.

11:17- Benoit continuing his streak of consistency, is dealing in this huge half inning.

11:18- Ryan Ludwick wins the award for having the worst of this night, 3 strikeouts.

11:20- Advancing the runner was a crucial error, now Benoit is in a tough spot.

11:23- Benoit goes to his bread and butter change-up to get out of that inning.

11:26- A little rant here, but how does Aaron Boone have a job? Secondly, nice AB from Perez, good for his first as a Major Leaguer. Couldn’t imagine the pressure coming up from Single-A ball.

11:28- My fake bold prediction has not held, a lot of crucial at-bats from the “other guys”, this game is turning into the epitome of what Detroit needs to do to have continued, consistent success this season.

11:29- Another big moment, this time for Jose Valverde.

11:35- So far, so good. The same can not be said for that disgusting hair though.

11:39- One more out from a season-changing victory for the Tigers. Knock on wood.

11:41- The Tigers defy a lot of odds in this win tonight, and it is one that could very well change the way the season has been going so far.

Conclusion: Dusty Baker made all the right moves tonight, but you can’t account your stud closer blowing a 4 run lead. For Detroit this win is what they need to build on. Production scattered around, huge at bats from unlikely players such as Boesch. The Bullpen looked shotty, but the big names such as Benoit and Valverde did what they are paid to do. One game is one game, but if the Tigers can’t build from this then there is no hope for them. The scheduling god’s have blessed the Tigers with a trip to Wrigley, which could be a potential sweep of the Cubs, if they play the way they did tonight.

So to answer the question; no they are not that bad. Thanks for coming by, cya soon!

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6 Comments on “Tigers/Reds Live Blog: Are The Tigers That Bad?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The bold prediction at 8:25 is like saying, “BOLD PREDICTION: the sky will be blue tomorrow.”


  2. Stefan Jagot Says:

    very true, my apologies.


  3. Stefan Jagot Says:

    Tigs tend to show up for these inter-league matchup’s, but this order is very interesting.


  4. Michael Gazdik Says:

    Ugh inter-league..a lot of speed at the top of the order eh? Could make for an interesting game if those boys can get on base. But Berry has been his normal self this month, I’m not counting on much from him.


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