Bring on the Hate: Athletes Who Just Don’t Like One Another

June 8, 2012


Rivalries exist in all aspects of life, and in none are they more prevalent than sports, we know all about the  team v.s. team rivalries, but little is ever discussed about the rivalries between players.

Even less is discussed about Athlete’s who genuinely hate one another.

Here are a few of the more notable player feuds of recent.

Sean Avery v.s. Dion Phaneuf:

Sean Avery was a very polarizing NHL player, you either loved him or you hated him, but in the case of Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Dion Phaneuf hatred may be an understatement.

The feud began after Phaneuf began dating Avery’s ex-girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert. Avery like most men who lose smoking hot girlfriends, was none too pleased about the situation.

The situation hit a boiling point however when Avery paid a visit to Calgary to play the Flames, the team in which Phaneuf was playing for in 2008.

Avery uttered this now infamous statement, which led to a suspension by the NHL and a release from the Dallas Stars.

In 2009 the two met again on the ice, and Phaneuf gave Avery a piece of his mind.


John Terry v.s. Wayne Bridge:

If you know anything about the English National Team (Soccer) you know that it is a team full of drama. Most, if not all of the drama is internal.

John Terry (right) and Wayne Bridge (Left) during their playing days together at Chelsea FC

The most notable case of in-house hatred came from former Chelsea teammates Wayne Bridge and John Terry. The hatred between the two players came after allegations that  Terry had an affair with Bridge’s girlfriend at the time, Vanessa Perroncel.

The allegations were never proven, and Perroncel has denied them to this day.

Nevertheless the allegations led to Terry losing the captainship of the National Team, and Bridge’s withdrawal from the 2010 World Cup team.

The two never buried the hatchet and the feud reached a climax during the matchup between Bridge’s team at the time, Manchester City ,and Terry’s Chelsea; in which the two refused to shake each others hands and even avoided eye contact with one another.


Kevin Garnett v.s. Tim Duncan:

Now this player feud has nothing to do with player A getting with player B’s girl, but in basketball terms this is about as heated as it gets.

Duncan and Garnett in one of their many battles during their prestigious careers.

Their hatred for one another came to light in a Sports Illustrated article in which it was quoted that Duncan “hates Garnett the way Liberals hate Sean Hannity”.

If you don’t know anything about politics, it’s safe to say he hates him a lot.

The hatred between the two is due to their clash of personalities. Garnett the very loud, in your face player, and Duncan, who may have never have said a bad thing about another player other than Garnett in his career.

Needless to say these two are some of the greats in NBA history and it is also safe to say that their hatred for one another may have been the fuel that powered their hall of fame careers.


Isiah Thomas v.s. Michael Jordan:

During “His Airness'” first appearance in the All-Star game in 1985 he only shot the ball 9 times. Rumors of a “freeze-out” (which means they blatantly allow Jordan to shoot the ball )led by Isiah Thomas began the feud that would last a long time.

While the rumors of the “freeze-out” were denied by all parties, there is no denial that the two did not, and perhaps still do not like one another.

During the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals in which the Bulls finally defeated the Pistons, ending the ‘Stones legacy and beginning the Bulls Dynasty, Thomas and many other Pistons refused to shake Jordan’s hand.

The Dream team minus Thomas, who was left off of.

The hatred has been brought to light again due to the new ESPN documentary about the “Dream Team” in which Thomas was not invited to be apart of.

The rumor amongst everyone is that Thomas was not asked to join the eventual 1992 Gold Medalists due to his terrible relations with Jordan.

Magic Johnson did not dispel these rumors and in his book When the Game Was Ours he alluded that himself, Jordan, and other Dream Teamer’s worked to make sure that Thomas was left off the squad.

These are a few of the player feuds that captivated myself, what are some that you can think of that I left off? Comment in the section below!

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