When “Live” Goes Wrong

June 7, 2012


You know what is the awesome thing about watching sports? The fact that you are watching it live. You see the action as it happens, when it happens. It makes for truly compelling television.

But as we in the business know (smug statement), live broadcasts can go wrong, very wrong.

When things go wrong it often creates moments of incredible awkwardness which leads to incredible hilarity at the expense of some.

Here are a few of the gems of when live television goes wrong.

Broadway Joe wants a kiss dammit!

Day drinking is a personal hobby of many, including myself. However, I have never mixed day drinking with walking the sideline during a Monday Night Football game. Joe Namath admitted later that he had been drinking since around 4 prior to his sideline interview with Suzy Kolber; he also admitted that he had a drinking problem.

Nevertheless this is funny to me, Joe Namath has had enough success in his life that one moment like this can’t ruin it. So let’s pause and embrace Joe’s love for Suzy Kolber.

Nicole Richie knows what she wants:

Los Angeles- home of the stars, and also the Lakers, so it is no surprise that they are often interviewed during the games. Now I know this seems crazy, but at one time Nicole Richie was a “Celebrity” and during a mid-game interview she let this Fox Sports reporter know who her favorite player was and why.

I don’t know what pisses me off more, the fact that Nicole Richie was deemed important to interview or that Kobe Bryant literally could have any woman he ever desired.

Disney shows Lee Corso who the boss is:

During last season of College Gameday on ESPN, Lee Corso and the gang where in Houston, Texas for the University of Houston’s matchup with rival Southern Methodist University. As most know a tradition of the show is Lee Corso putting on the mascot head of the school he picks to win . However in this edition of the tradition, things got a little crazy.

In my opinion though this was the greatest moment in College Game Day history.

Disney, ESPN’s owners apparently did not like this at all, and had Lee Corso give an apology during the airing of the Michigan/Nebraska game later on that day.

Don Imus kisses his career goodbye:

Now this isn’t exactly funny. But this is a good lesson to all about what not to say on live TV. This segment of his morning show was dedicated to the Women’s Final Four in 2007, where he went on a tirade which included an ill-advised description of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Women’s Basketball team. Needless to say he was fired shortly after, and his career has never  been the same.

Jim Rome is falling:

We all know this incident by now..

But did you know why Jim Everett was named “Chris” by Jim Rome?

Everett was given the name Chris by Rome because of his inability to take a hit. The name Chris refers to Chris Evert a very successful female tennis player. So yes, Jim Rome was calling Quarterback Jim Everett a girl,which pissed Everett off so much so that he laid hands on the famous sports reporter.

Jim Everett’s super sexy, tennis legend; alter-ego “Chris”

This is by no means a complete list, and I would love to hear you input on other incredibly awkward moments in live sports coverage in the bottom comments below!

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