Paul Pierce Must Embrace ‘The Truth’: Rajon Rondo’s Star has Taken Birth in Boston

May 31, 2012


By: Marc Jacobs

Guard Rajon Rondo scoring 2 of his 44 points last night in a losing effort. Image courtesy of TheStar

Sitting on my couch yesterday night yes only one hour ago, I watched as the Boston Celtics internal torch was passed from Paul Pierce ‘The Truth’ to Rajon Rondo. After many years of being known as little man in Boston and learning under the tutelage of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo is trying to take those players that meant so much to his personal growth to the finals.

Yes in this the 2012 Playoffs as Dwight Howard was concerned about his back too much to play for the Magic, as most of the Lakers quit playing in the playoffs expect for Kobe Bean Bryant, and as Bulls floated in and out of the starting lineup after the Rose injury, Rajon Rondo laid it all on the line his teammates and himself. Is this the birth an unselfishly selfish superstar one can only wait to find out? What we do know is that Rajon Rondo played 53 minutes (no player had played a full game this year), scored a personal high in his life of 44 points, dished out ten assists, and went to the boards for eight rebounds and as if that wasn’t enough he gave up size and strength to the league’s MVP James and stopped him on the last shot in regulation.

He also out played James, but let’s get back to the main point. In an era when players have played for themselves and look out for themselves so much, I believe that it can be argued that Rondo played not at all for himself, but for Allen, Pierce, and Garnett.

What does this all mean? Well it means that first of all Rajon Rondo, may be one of the few superstars in

Paul Pierce looking disgruntled against the Heat. image Courtesy of The Miami Herald

today’s game that truly wanted to win a title for all the right reasons and for those reasons has shockingly risen from the NBA trading  block just last summer, to a player that any NBA franchise would want to build around. If the Celtics were to make the NBA Finals and that is a huge if down 2-0 to the Heat and win or just win the Eastern Conference, Rondo will be there MVP, not The Truth Paul Pierce. See Paul Pierce has fouled out, yes you read that right, fouled out of two of his last three playoff games, and the one game that he didn’t foul out of he went 5 of 18(in game one of the series verse the Heat).

More over after Paul Pierce fouled out many fans probably turned off their televisions so I will try to describe what happened next. Rondo went off like a cannon on the side of a boat, going on his own personal runs to take the leads v. both the Heat in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals at Miami and in Game 7 in front of the Boston faithful. What did he receive as he was shooting free throws that Pierce hadn’t received during any games during the playoffs, MVP chants. Oh and at the end of Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 with literally only Daniels, Moore, Pavlovic, Allen, and Rondo on the court as Doc Rivers was trying to concede game in the waning minutes of OT, what did Rondo do, only hit two three’s which forced Wade to make two critical free throws with 2.2 seconds left.

Until now Rondo has lived in the shadows of Boston’s “Big Three”

The first one he missed the second one he made, game over. However as the game drama was unfolding on the court where was Pierce in the locker room, as if he realized that the torch was passed in this game as well and that he would have to rely on Rajon Rondo  to help him achieve his title dreams. Also realizing that Rondo gave every piece of himself to the team in Game 2, Pierce may have been weighted down with the emotion of letting the team’s new star down when he needed him most. Now some people will be quick to argue KG as an MVP, and I would be quick to point out, who do you think set ups KG for all those bunks and jumpers, Mr. unselfish Rondo. You might also point to Ray Allen, and I would be quick to tell you that with his bone spurs, if he is not wide open without a player within five feet of him, he won’t be able to get the separation or be able to get the shot off in time, and who do you think sets him up Mr. unselfish Rondo.

Oh yeah and I know what you’re going to say, what about Bass’s 27 point night, oh well Rondo only put up 14 assists in that game.  If that isn’t enough to tell you that you want Rajon on your side, he will soon and I am sure of this, be alone behind Magic Johnson for the most triple doubles in the playoffs all time and what did he have in the Game 7 in front of the Boston faithful. A triple double, Torch passed!

However it is important to look forward as the torch is passed knowing that Allen, Garnett, and Pierce although they want to stay in Boston, one or two might retire, and/ or find new teams. If I was Pau Gasol and I’m not, why go to Chicago? Yes they have a good system, but it revels around one player as shown by the Bulls first round exit, the Celtics might need a Center or PF and want to move Bass to the SF, which would give him a size advantage, I would want to be a Celtic. And Dwight I know that you don’t care to win a title for Stan Van and that Deron Williams might be great point guard, but friend there is another one in Boston that could really set you up and get you a ring, Rondo.

The Celtics are in an interesting position because as they look to rebuild they have some of the answers figured out, Avery Bradley would start at the 2 right now if he wasn’t hurt. Rondo the newly crowned super star will start at the 1, Bass will start at the three, really all that Boston needs to be a serious title contender again next year is a younger 4 and 5, oh and if they get them, this team could be right where they are again over the Bulls, Pacers, and more…..why? Rajon Rondo.

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