NBA Playoffs: Five Observations From Last Night

May 31, 2012


These guys are good

1. Nobody is Beating San Antonio

Neither of these two teams from the East are beating the Spurs in 7 games. I am not even sure any of the other three teams remaining can beat the Spurs even once. They are that good. In fact I don’t think the Spurs can even beat themselves. No amount of shooting themselves in their cowboy boot covered feet can stop them. Barring significant injury to Parker, Duncan, or Manu (in order of importance) the Spurs have a legitimate chance at going Fo, Fo, Fo, Fo. No team has ever swept through the entire NBA playoffs, and you would have to assume that if they play the Heat, Lebron and Wade can will them to at least one win, but its on the table.

 2.  I Thought Rondo Couldn’t Shoot?

Pretty sure nobody expected a Chalmers vs. Rondo offensive showdown, but whatever. Granted Chalmers really cooled off in the second half, but that first half was just ridiculous. The shakiest part of Rondo’s game has always been his shooting, but in that second quarter his midrange jumper was scorching hot, and he found his inner Ray Allen in overtime knocking down a couple threes.  While Rondo’s scoring was mostly due to nobody on the Heat guarding him, Chalmers took it upon himself to go all D-Wade and drive relentlessly to the hole. This gave the Heat’s stars a much needed break from scoring duties, which is probably a big reason they were able to get back into this game.

3. Yup, Lebron’s Still Really Good

Quick update: Lebron is by far the best player in the NBA. Wade is somewhere between 2 and 5, and its still not even close. Yeah I know he missed that game winning shot before overtime and all, but he didn’t even play very well and ended up with 34/10/7, and a sweet block on Paul Pierce.  He is the most complete basketball player on the planet, and nobody does more for his team (he is averaging 40.5 minutes per game this postseason). Regardless of how you feel about ‘The Decision” or his lack of rings or fourth quarter success, if you cant appreciate the special talent he has your probably not a basketball fan.

4. This is Getting Awkward…

We are probably witnessing the two worst benches in the history of the conference finals, and maybe in the history of the game itself. I challenge you to find me two worse. The first player off the Heat bench is usually Udonis Haslem, who actually has been having a pretty decent 2012 playoffs, but that is where the positives end. After Haslem, the Heat are basically counting on James Jones and Mike Miller to hit a three or two, and not get completely torched on the defensive end. The only other big they can bring off the bench is Joel Anthony (I do consider Juwan Howard retired, even if he doesn’t consider himself there yet) who is probably the most uncoordinated player in the league. He looks like he had a giant growth spurt in 10thgrade, but never decided to work on any sort of basketball specific skills.

The Celtics meanwhile may have an even more pathetic bench. The motley crew they trot out consists of Keyon Dooling, Mickael Peitrus, and the dominant big man duo of Ryan Hollins and Greg Steimsma. As you can see there are four pretty good reasons why a crippled Ray Allen and an exhausted KG played over 40 minutes last night.

5.  He Can Cry if He Wants to

After watching Mike miller hobble around, I am 99% certain that he deserves his own handicap-parking permit. Erik Spoelstra should be charged with some sort of a crime just for playing him in these playoffs. I have never seen a player look to be so unhappy and in so much pain during a basketball game. Is there even anything structurally wrong with him? He just looks like his whole body hurts anytime he makes a sudden movement or exerts himself, which being that he is playing in a NBA playoff game happens quite often. And he isn’t even a star! Its not like Mike Miller gritting it out and being at 30% is going to make or break the Heat’s title chances. Mike Miller at 100% has a minimal impact on this team, I just don’t get it.

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2 Comments on “NBA Playoffs: Five Observations From Last Night”

  1. godfrey24 Says:

    Thanks for reading the article, i hope you liked it. Yeah lebron hasnt made a lot of fans the last few years, but i was just trying to focus on his undeniable talent. Also as for the bench comments, your right, the league is going toward very top heavy teams, which is what makes the Spurs, and to a lesser extent the Thunder, such a dominant force in the playoffs. Their bench could beat some teams starters, and I dont doubt that they would blow out the bobcats by 30. And for the record I hate flopping too.


  2. Greg Fehlinger Says:

    I hope LeBron never wins a world championship. I hate his attitude about the game of basketball. I hate how his ego can barely fit in the stadium he plays in. The Spurs are the best NBA team this season. They have the talent, just not the celebrity status the Miami Heat have. I would love nothing more than watching a player with such class (Tim Duncan) to win the championship. The team is better, the coach is better, and the players class is better than that of any other team.

    OKC may win 1 game against the Spurs, but they will lose in game 5-6. The heat will most likely beat the Celtics. I see the Spurs winning in 6 against the Heat.

    Rondo was on fire last night. I have never seen such a powerful performance from a point guard in a long time. Crazy to think they were trying to get rid of him at the beginning of the season.

    As for the worst bench comment…. The NBA is full of terrible benches. This is what the new era has turned into. Our studs vs. your studs. That is what most NBA teams are doing in the playoffs. There may be a player or two who helps contribute off the bench, but as for a team…that does not exist in the NBA anymore. You do realize that the Spurs may have the 2nd best player coming off the bench of all time right?

    Spurs win the title. I really do not care who wins. The NBA has lost my interest. I would like to see less flops, more class, more fundamentals, less attitude issues, and more heart. The NBA is going downhill. Maybe I am bias sure, but I feel most players are uneducated and are poor role models. Can’t wait for the season to get over so I can watch something new on ESPN besides hearing about how will LeBron play after his game 4 loss, how will Wade respond after only dropping 5 points, how will the heat deal with the Celtics…who the hell cares. I’d rather watch college basketball, something that actually requires having a team. Something that is actually played with class and coaching. Not a league full of superstars acting like drama queens attempting to play together. What a joke the NBA is. Just my two cents.


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