The Men’s Guide to the NCAA Division 1 Softball World Series

May 29, 2012


Exciting? I suppose. Interesting? Hardly. Sexy? Yes.

Once a year ESPN force-feeds us with the College Women’s World Series. While the sport of Softball itself may take a great amount of athleticism, the fact of the matter is that it just isn’t the greatest spectacle in sport. Nevertheless we are forced by Big Brother himself to exposure of this 5-day “event”

But rejoice my male comrades because for what the sport lacks in excitement, it makes up for in sex appeal in ten fold. A ton of 18-22 year old women getting down and dirty in tight pants, and make-up. Something about it is just so, just so… attracitve.

I know that the goal of showing the WCWS is to expose the sport to a greater audience, but my goal and the rest of the male populations goal should be to find out which team has the sexiest women and cheer them on to victory.

So here is the list of the hottest girls to grace the field in the 2012 edition of the WCWS; and yes I do know that I will now be banned for a lifetime from the National Organization for Women, along with the American Softball Association. It is a risk I must take for my fellow man.

California Golden Bears:

The girls from the left coast are the number 1 seed in the tournament with a record of 56-5. Not only are they good at softball, but they look good doing it too. Here are some of the best that the beauties from Berkley have to offer.

Alabama Crimson Tide:

One of two Southeastern Conference representatives in the World Series, the Crimson Tide are the second seed in the tournament with a record of 55-7. The southern belles also don’t lack in sex appeal either. Here are a few of the lovely ladies from Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide.

Arizona State Sun Devils:

The school known for parties and Phil Mickelson also can brag about being the third seed in the 2012 WCWS with a record of 51-9. The Sun Devils also show that just because you are talented doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful too. Here are some of the sexy Sun Devils.

Oklahoma Sooners:

The ladies from Norman, Oklahoma are the fourth seed in the WCWS with a record of 50-8. They also get the honor of playing for a National Championship in their home state; but most importantly here are some of the finest women that Oklahoma has to offer. Boomer Sooner fellas.


Tennessee Lady Volunteers:

 The Lady Vols are usually known for their basketball success (sad that I know this) but this year a 52-12 record earned them the 5th seed in the this years WCWS. Here a few girls that I wouldn’t mind seeing with out a Rocky Top on.

Oregon Ducks:

Apparently not only do the Ducks dominate college football, but their softball team isn’t too bad either. A record of 44-16 gave the ducks the 6th seed in the tournament. More importantly however here are the ducks i’d like to…. take on a date.

South Florida Bulls:

Sunny beaches and beautiful women, two things that are certainties in Southern Florida. The softball team is no exception either, not only are they hot but their 50-12 record shows that they can beat some ass too. Here are just a few of the sexy ladies from South Florida.

Louisiana State Tigers:

Last but certainly not least, is the Bayou Bengals themselves. These girls are the 8th and final seed in the WCWS at a record of 39-23. These girls scrapped to make it this far, and looked damn good doing it too. Geaux Tigers.

So there you have it, who to look for in the 2012 WCWS. Gentleman pick your hotties, and hope that they last until the Championship game.

As always I do not own any of these images, and this is all in plain fun.

Comments and feedback can be left below!

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