5 Sports Films to Watch This Summer

May 16, 2012


The summer provides us young folk with a lot of down time. Which allows us to do a plethora of things, but lets be honest most of us instead spend summer being bums. So while you are bumming it this summer here are some sports films you should watch to kill time during the dog days of summer.

The Sandlot (1993):

An american classic, most have already watched this glorious movie. If you haven’t yes you should consider yourself un-American, and that you also play ball like a girl.

The movie is about a boy who moves into a new neighborhood where baseball is king. He wants to learn the game and through the help of Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez he learns the game and about true friendship. Anyone can instantly fall in love with this film, and if you don’t you might not have a soul.

Love and Basketball (2000):

 I realize that this is more for the ladies being that the story revolves around a relationship, but this movie is a classic. If you ever are looking for a movie date with a significant other, but want to still watch something that will keep your manliness somewhat intact this is it.

It’s a story of two basketball prodigies whose lives take different paths, but eventually they find a way to get together (beautiful how Hollywood works isn’t it?)

Green Street Hooligans (2005):

 What better way to get some of that testosterone out than to watch Elijah Wood kick the shit out of rival football hooligans?

Green Street Hooligans is about a Harvard student who is wrongly dismissed from the school, and finds himself in East London, home of West Ham United, and more infamously the Green Street Elite. From there the student learns what it takes to stand your ground, and that the Millwall faithful are a bunch of assholes.

This is the perfect film to watch with a couple of your drinking buddies and then spend the night singing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” at the nearest bar. Note: I am not responsible for you and your buddies trying to reenact any of the scenes from this film.

Mystery, Alaska (1999):

The film is a comedy about a small-town hockey team who gets a once in a life time opportunity to play a game against the New York Rangers.

The story is completely fictional, but has a sort of real life feel to it which makes it a very interesting watch. Plus the hockey scenes will hold over any puck fan who will be anxiously waiting the return of the NHL during the offseason.

We Are Marshall (2006):

 This film may only be 6 years old, but I feel that it has been swept under the rug over that time period.

Nevertheless this is a great film, that is sure to not only inspire but possibly bring a tear to your eye, I mean who wouldn’t find the events that happened at Marshall in 1970 sad, unless you are a sadistic individual. In that case stop reading and seek help immediately.

The film revolves around the aftermath of the 1970 Plane Crash that killed the majority of the Marshall Thundering Herd football program; which included the rebuilding of the program and the pains of moving on from such a devastating event.

Hell, you can even get your girlfriend/significant other/wife to watch it because quite frankly Matthew McConaughey is not bad to look at.

So there it is, the five films that you should watch this summer. Am I missing any crucial films? Are there any other suggestions you the reader have? Feel free to insert your opinion in the comment section below!

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