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May 9, 2012


This past weekend “The Avengers” smashed box office records with a $207,438,708 million dollar opening, this according to Box Office Mojo.

With all of the hype this movie has produced I got to thinking, what if the main four super heros from the film were played by NBA superstars?

This is the list of elite NBA ballers who would protect the world from imminent doom!

Captain America: Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant…defending the USA from international basketball doom!

In the comics, Steve Rogers (Captain America) was so tiny that he was not allowed to serve the military during World War II.

Kevin Durant was once a frail boy. He literally could not bench 185 during his pre draft camp back in 2007. His lack of strength was a concern to some as he entered the NBA.

However, unlike Captain America Durant didn’t need a serum to make him a freak of nature (but let it be known whatever Durant is doing to now be benching 315 lbs, I want in on it).

What Durant used instead to transcend his lack of strength was an incredible game, that has made his competition look bad, and his past critics even worse.

Besides the size comparisons, he has the personality traits that make him an All-American hero.

During the 2010 offseason he quietly signed a contract renewal and went on with his business. All the while the Big 3 in South Beach were making headlines every day. Something the kids at home should learn from, in this typically selfish society.

Also during the 2010 FIBA World Championships he was the leader of the USA team that won their first FIBA title since 1994. He was named MVP of the tournament; along with breaking Team USA point records, including most points in a game with 38.

Not bad for a guy who said he didn’t think he was the next face for USA basketball.

His past, along with his humility and skill make him the perfect candidate for Captain America.

The Hulk: Metta World Peace

Hulk Smash Harden

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”

Those are the most famous words echoed by Bruce Banner, and for the baller formally known as Ron Artest these words couldn’t be

The often-misunderstood World Peace fits perfectly for the role of Bruce Banner. Throughout his career he is has often tried to clean up his act and declare that he is a changed man.

But when he gets riled up, he turns into a beast whose actions are often indefensible. Recently his actions against Thunder Guard James Harden found himself suspended for seven games, and Harden with a concussion.

Like the Hulk there is something lovable about World Peace no matter how much damage and issues he creates with his actions.

However, I don’t think World Peace will ever be a welcomed man in Detroit; maybe this has something to do with it….

Thor: Blake Griffin

Griffin is Thor-like from above the rim.

The mighty Thor is known as the god of thunder. He is also known for carrying his hammer Mjolnir.

The hammer that Blake possess is the basketball, and went is in his hand he will bring the thunder down on anyone who dares to come in the paint against him. Exhibit A: Kendrick Perkins.

However, the only one who seemingly can stop Thor is himself. In the comics he is punished by his father for his lack of humility. While Blake Griffin is one of the more humble athletes in the NBA, there are a few aspects of his game that need to be polished before he can become one of the elite.

His free throw percentage was a dismal 55% this season, and while the thunder and lighting he posses when he is around the rim is incredible. This my friends is far from superhuman..

Iron Man: Kobe Bryant

Not only does Kobe Bryant kick ass, but he looks good doing it too. Much like Tony Stark

Every team needs a leader, for the Avengers it’s none other than Iron Man, and for the NBAvengers it’s The Black Mamba.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man, is known for his intelligence, along with his ability to beat the piss out of his enemies, mentally and physically. Since the departure of “His Airness” we have never seen a player that is just as gifted cerebrally, as he is physically like Kobe Bryant.

Stark is known for being arrogant and cocky, but when push comes to shove he often finds himself on top. Kobe Bryant is one of those players that will tell you he is going to beat you and then will do it.

Tony Stark in the new Avengers film is quoted as saying: “No offense but I don’t play well with others” and according to the Usage Rate statistic either does Bryant. The statistic calculates the number of possessions a player utilizes while on the court. In this abbreviated 2011-2012 season Bryant had a 33.0 Usage Rate, nearly 3 points higher than Russell Westbrook who placed second on that list.

But no matter what Stark says, or Bryant does, their cocky attitudes provide a sense of leadership to both the Avengers and the Lakers respectively.

So there it is, your NBAvengers. Do you agree with this list? Or should other top ballers take their spots?

Voice your opinion on the comment section below!

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