A Case for College Baseball

April 3, 2012


When people talk about college athletics, it always revolves around the big two: football and basketball. And why not? There is the pageantry that comes with the the two sports is beautiful and something that can not (and should not) be duplicated in the professional level. Another reason the big two are so appealing is the fact that you get to see the top talent in that age bracket compete before they move to the professional level.

That simply is not the case with college baseball. With the minor league system and the ability to go pro without ever stepping a foot on a college campus, the majority of players never think of playing for a university. Yes there are exceptions. For example, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball, Justin Verlander played at Old Dominion for three years, but the majority of the top talent in baseball start their careers in the minor leagues.

But for what college baseball lacks in talent, it makes up for in unique  pageantry and sheer love of the game. Yes you can go to a minor league game and see between-inning gimmicks and the occasional manager losing his mind, but that’s for one reason only: putting fans in the seats. With college baseball, you see kids who love what they do, and have fun doing it regardless of the circumstance. So readers, I have come to give you three arguments as to why you should quit worrying, and love college baseball.

Exhibit A: The Rain Delay

Every once in a while we are given these kind of gems during a rain delay. You don’t see this in the bigs or the minors…not enough at least.

Exhibit B: The Maniac Manager

This may be universal, but honestly, at what other level would any baseball player take a manager like Augie Garrido seriously? When you have contracts and the ability to be traded, it would be easy to never take the word of what this guy has to say, and move on knowing that you’re getting paid. But when you’re in college, and this is likely the highest level of baseball you will ever play at, I’d imagine you’d take these things to heart; hence Garrido’s outburst at about 2:00 into this video.

WARNING: Not safe for work, or if you don’t like swearing.

Exhibit C: The Fan Base

When you go to a minor league baseball game or a major league game, you will get the usual “wave” or cheer: an overused, recycled chant. However, as the Ole Mississippi Rebel student section shows us, there are just some traditions too crazy to be duplicated at the professional level.

The talent may not be the highest level, and the pageantry may not be near that of football and basketball, but I ask you to give college baseball a chance. There is something that just can’t be mimicked at any level of the sport, and for that we should cherish it, and embrace the under appreciated sport that is college baseball.

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2 Comments on “A Case for College Baseball”

  1. skoobasteve Says:

    I was dere at the Oakland game yesterday. Looked like we had a bigger turnout than the Marlins did all of last year. 😀


  2. mattpocket Says:

    Great game today at the OU Baseball Field, too. Lots of fans lined up on the hill to watch the home opener.


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